The Victoria Cruise Industry Alliance will convey the benefits of the cruise industry to the Greater Victoria Region.

Why us?

Cruise Stats

Learn more about the staggering growth the Victoria cruise industry has experienced, and how cruise benefits the local economy.


“I work with Tervita, a leading environmental solutions provider servicing visiting cruise ships to Victoria. Working with the cruise ships means I was able to graduate without student loans. It also means I can afford to build my own house. The cruise ship industry helps Tervita support charities around Victoria and means a good volume of work for the Tervita team every summer.”

KelsaEnvironmental Specialist, Tervita

“I’m the Sheet Metal Supervisor for Seaspan Victoria Shipyards. Victoria’s Cruise ship industry means challenging, rewarding work for a highly skilled work force. For me and my family, it means the future continues to look bright. When those first few ships dock, I’m happy because I know it’s a continued opportunity to showcase what we have to offer in a global industry.”

RandySheet Metal Supervisor, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards

“I run the Victoria Bike Rentals at the Ogden Point cruise terminal. As the owner of a small business, I smile every time I see the cruise ship docking at Ogden Point. Renting my bikes provides cruise passengers an exciting way to see Victoria. It means a good quality of life for me and the ones I love.”

RyanOwner, Victoria Bike Rentals